Blue Gardens: A Review

Each time I get an opportunity to host(emcee) a wedding, I help out with the on-the-day coördination and I must say, from my experience last September, that Blue Gardens is not just another event venue. The open-air garden venue can comfortably accommodate up to 150 seated guests and the feel of the place(with the lighting and music on) is just romantic and inviting. Perfect for that night’s Christian wedding ceremony and dinner reception!                

The bride Joana took advantage of Blue Garden’s worry-free wedding package which included five hours use of the venue, professionally catered food(buffet style) for 100 guests with complete set up and amenities, photo and video coverage, high quality PA and sound system(sound techs included), souvenirs for 50 guests and use of their changing rooms for the bride and groom. She found a great deal that, to my surprise, also came with great service. 

Before the event started, I took the initiative of coordinating with the captain waiter about when to prepare for the wine toasting, moving the head table to make more space for the entertainment later in the program and for the photobooth to be moved to a more convenient area in the venue. I wonder why anyone thought of setting it up where guests would get soaked in the rain before they get to the photobooth. The waiter was easy to talk to and took care of my requests almost immediately.

What this venue lacks in parking(quite limited), it has in its facilities and security. Several guards and attendants roved the area that day and even the powder rooms were clean, pleasant and well-maintained.

Overall, I give this venue a 7 out of 10 rating.