Psalm’s Dedication

November 3, 2012 – I stood as one of several godparents to adorable Psalm Lukas Silvestre Chua as his mommy Cathy and daddy Chard(both were a picture of pure joy despite coming straight from night shift) dedicated his life to God. Such a special moment for Christian parents to publicly declare God’s take over of their child’s life. 

The bright-eyed little boy who wore blue plaid over a yellow shirt and jeans had so much energy as he smiled, clapped and moved about frantically in his daddy’s arms as the pastor(also their wedding officiant!) went through the ceremony. Psalm’s grandparents and godparents each lit a candle to symbolize being the light for Psalm and laid hands to bless him in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Loved the rubber duckie theme! Mommy Cathy came up with this theme because her baby loves yellow. Every guest table each had a balloon centerpiece, a couple of rubber duckies and candies for kids and kids at heart! They also placed printed cards so guests can give personal messages to Psalm. What a great idea! 

Moments earlier, we(I had my hubby-to-be Nathaniel and daughter Mischa with me) enjoyed the sumptuous food served by Tramway Shaw(venue of the dedication). Mischa munched on a few spring rolls and had a taste of fruity gelatin and siomai. I tried little portions of steamed lapu-lapu, tofu, roasted chicken, sweet and sour pork, pork dumplings, california maki and a serving of buko pandan. Nat had almost the same then got some fresh salad to finish his meal.