My First Time

As a kid I remember not liking carrot cakes but as the years passed I’ve tried various carrot cakes and cupcakes until one day, I came across a carrot cake recipe online. I found myself buying the ingredients and there I was in my Mom’s kitchen hand mixing the cake mix and later on trying my best to keep my three-year old daughter Mischa away from the cream cheese frosting(also hand mixed!).

Forty minutes later, I took out the loaf pans from the 18-liter electric oven I got as a wedding gift to cool the carrot cake. Thinking enough cooling time had passed, I tried transferring one of the baked loaves to a plate so I can start frosting it. It turned out part of cake’s bottom stuck to the pan(so much for non stick bakeware!). My best friend Rona who’s also into baking advised to use wax paper to line the baking pans next time. I ended up frosting half of the loaf, which my hubby Nat brought to my mom-in-law. My daughter was so excited to get a taste of the frosting so I scraped some of the carrot cake from the pan and drizzled it with the cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract and confectioner’s sugar mixture. The second loaf I decided to frost without taking it out of the pan then covered the pan with plastic wrap so the frosting won’t dry up inside the refrigerator.

Who loved my first carrot cake – Myself, my daughter, my husband, my teenage son Ash Lee, my nephew Zjedrick and my co-worker Chrissy. Mom found the frosting too sweet but liked the cake.

What I forgot – take a photo! Darn!