My First Time

As a kid I remember not liking carrot cakes but as the years passed I’ve tried various carrot cakes and cupcakes until one day, I came across a carrot cake recipe online. I found myself buying the ingredients and there I was in my Mom’s kitchen hand mixing the cake mix and later on trying my best to keep my three-year old daughter Mischa away from the cream cheese frosting(also hand mixed!).

Forty minutes later, I took out the loaf pans from the 18-liter electric oven I got as a wedding gift to cool the carrot cake. Thinking enough cooling time had passed, I tried transferring one of the baked loaves to a plate so I can start frosting it. It turned out part of cake’s bottom stuck to the pan(so much for non stick bakeware!). My best friend Rona who’s also into baking advised to use wax paper to line the baking pans next time. I ended up frosting half of the loaf, which my hubby Nat brought to my mom-in-law. My daughter was so excited to get a taste of the frosting so I scraped some of the carrot cake from the pan and drizzled it with the cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract and confectioner’s sugar mixture. The second loaf I decided to frost without taking it out of the pan then covered the pan with plastic wrap so the frosting won’t dry up inside the refrigerator.

Who loved my first carrot cake – Myself, my daughter, my husband, my teenage son Ash Lee, my nephew Zjedrick and my co-worker Chrissy. Mom found the frosting too sweet but liked the cake.

What I forgot – take a photo! Darn!


Two Weddings

2nd April 2013 – I married my husband Nathaniel in a non-religious ceremony which lasted about 20 well-spent minutes including taking all the photos. The officiating minister started with checking our papers and marriage license then we were all set. My little daughter Mischa held the rings, my son Ash Lee had the camera, Nat and I exchanged vows and rings then kissed. I hugged my mother – we were both in tears. Definitely a happy day for everyone as we shared a lunch feast of chicken and seafood at Gerry’s Grill with a couple of friends who stood as witnesses.

We spent our first night together at home.

19th May 2013 – Our Big Day. Pre-wedding preps started 4AM. As a self-appointed DIY bride I had zero hours of sleep, some back pain from working on the flowers the night before and a lot of nerves. As the hair and make up duo worked on me and the entourage for the next two and a half hours, we were almost ready for the main event – a Christian ceremony at a venue called 167 Events Place along Commonwealth Avenue. We were expecting a hundred guests. Not everyone made it but fortunately those who made it had a good time. After what seemed to be ages posing for the camera inside and outside the Pacific Waves Resort Hotel, I finally got in the Bridal car c/o bridesman Francis Estrella with Bridesmaid Gines Bolivar. Though we got caught in some heavy traffic that day, we made it to the wedding venue just in time. I was getting a bit sleepy but I made it through as I was on and off the phone with my Groom who had to deal with a few early guests, a late DJ and some misunderstanding with the caterer. As the entire entourage got ready for the processional, I introduced the bridesmaids to the bridesmen and had a quick catch up with Belmon, my dear friend who flew in from SG to be at my wedding.  

And the ceremony began with the processional followed by a special dance from the Groom’s cousin Chaya Baris then with How Did You Know being played on the saxophone I started walking down the aisle. Too bad, I was busy trying not to trip on the four-inch heels I wore so I failed to see who was crying as I did the bridal march. Haha! There I was beside my husband at the ceremony couch as the officiating pastor started his message. The ceremony wasn’t what we expected – it was even better. It wasn’t formal or too long and though at times we there were distractions the wedding went as planned. We honored our parents with a photo montage of our baby pictures with our parents along with a prepared message. It was tough not to cry. As good friend Richard Chua sang his version of God Gave Me You, we read our own vows and cried even more. Clearly it was the happiest day of our lives and was even happier as we sealed the ceremony with a unity candle lighting together with our kids.

Photo ops – Smiling all the time was a challenge! I could feel my jaw going stiff and all I could think about was lunch! I bet everyone else thought the same!

Lunch – We almost cleaned off our plates. Didn’t touch the salad but the courses-roast beef, chicken cordon bleu and lasagna lived up to our expectations. Yes! We were starving! And it was a relief to see everyone eating.

The reception followed – some of the guests had to leave early but those who stayed had fun. Luckily, the Groom’s side of the family was a wacky bunch. His two cousins got the garter and the two next Brides were bridesmaid Ricca Liguidliguid and friend Jenny Reyes.  We totally forgot about having our First Dance before cutting the cake – cute chocolate cupcakes made by one of my best friends – Rona Sagun but that’s okay – we forgot some other things too but we didn’t forget to thank everyone who shared our special day with us. Not everything went as planned but we’re grateful of how our wedding turned out.

At home, the kids couldn’t wait for us to open our wedding presents. I’ll write about these in another post!

As I had hoped, our Big Day ended with us newlyweds finally getting some sleep with little Mischa beside us!